About Us

The Trulee.Me Story.

Trulee.Me – Just Wellness

It’s a straightforward philosophy that’s the driving force behind our business and brand. Trulee.Me aims to be the most prominent social equity purveyor across North America for once-erased natural wellness products.

Trulee.Me originates from the heartland of Boulder County, Colorado. We’re incredibly proud to be part of the local Boulder community. At Trulee.Me, we work closely with various brands, including our premium brand Flicker Pharms, and HiLytes, to name a few.

At Trulee.Me, we believe in the natural healing power of plants as well as many other adaptogens in addition to pharmaceutical techniques to harness the best options for consumers.

We have combined our passion for plants to assist our customers in sourcing the highest-quality products the market has to offer.

Ethical innovation combined with a simple wellness for everyone philosophy that puts customers before profits are the driving force behind our business.

As such, we have partnered with only the leading and most ethical testing facilities across the nation to ensure quality and consistency of the products that we introduce to and share with you.

We believe in an educational and informative approach to various plants and the potential benefits they offer users. Therefore, we work directly with growers, producers, and manufacturers to ensure that our clients get the best wellness products at affordable prices.

At Trulee.Me, we’re here to help you navigate through the hemp world safely and welcome you to become part of the Trulee.Me community. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every client that walks through the doors of one of our stores has a fantastic experience, gets the help they need, and finds the hemp product or products that may be best suited to them or their condition.

If you have any questions about the hemp products we stock at Trulee.Me or want to learn more about us, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us online. Our friendly and professional team welcomes all inquiries and is standing by to assist you with your hemp inquiries.